Construct are a 5-piece metal outfit from Stoke-on-Trent, formed in early 2015.

In early 2013, Construct started out as a group of music enthusiasts Richard Howle (Guitars), Callum Howle (Vocals) and Samuel Hunt (Drums) performing to Richard Howle's pre-composed solo project (dubbed "Xenogenocide") music.

In early 2015, they joined forces with Mike Foxall (Guitars) to create the band everybody knows today as 'Construct', where they then began to work on their debut album and play shows across the country.

In mid 2017, Sam Hardy (Bass) joined the band to complete Construct's line up.

Together, Construct bring a powerful and energetic performance, along with the very best that their table of talents have to offer.

  • Band Members

  • Callum Howle (Vocals)
  • Richard Howle (Guitar)
  • Mike Foxall (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
  • Sam Hunt (Drums)
  • Sam Hardy (Bass)