Construct are a 5-piece metal outfit from Stoke-on-Trent, formed in early 2015.

In early 2013, Construct started out as a group of music enthusiasts Richard Howle (Guitars), Callum Howle (Vocals) and Sam Hunt (Drums) performing to Richard Howle's pre-composed solo project (dubbed ‘Xenogenocide’) music.

During early 2015, they joined forces with Mike Foxall (Guitars) to create the band everybody knows today as 'Construct', where they then began to work on their debut album and play shows across the country.

Come mid 2017, Sam Hardy (Bass) joined the band to complete Construct's line up.

Together, Construct bring soaring melodies and punchy riffs to a powerful and energetic performance, along with the very best that their table of talents have to offer.

  • Band Members

  • Callum Howle (Vocals)
  • Richard Howle (Guitar)
  • Mike Foxall (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
  • Sam Hunt (Drums)
  • Sam Hardy (Bass)

Construct’s first single, ‘Reflection’, was premiered on New Noise Magazine’s website in January prior to their debut album’s appearance and this had a brilliant reaction, helping to form their initial fan base. It received 4,000 views within the first month and was also uploaded to Djent Worldwide TV shortly after, where it acquired 3,000 views in the first month it was uploaded. The amount of views, comments, likes, etc on both uploads still continues to grow. The track was also featured in the ‘New Noise’ CD of Metal Hammer comeback issue of February 2017.

The band released their debut album, ‘The Deity’, on February 4th 2017. It received a fantastic response from the public through various forms of praise including reviews, write ups, magazine features, social media reaction, etc. Though the popularity of this album is still steadily increasing, they are currently working hard on their next release.

To support the release of 'The Deity', Construct put on an official album release show on February 18th 2017 at The Underground in Stoke-on-Trent and received support from local bands Inscriptions, Despoiled and 2 Years 2 Late. The show was a booming success, with over 150 people in attendance and plenty of crowd involvement!

Along the way, Construct have been lucky enough to share the stage with bands such as As Lions, Black Peaks, Obey, Warlord, Valis Ablaze, Griever and many more brilliant acts. They hope to expand this further throughout 2018 and push themselves as far as humanly possible.

“Their music is a melodic and modern form of Metal and Rock that combine the aggressive tunes and technique of Metalcore, Djent and modern tendencies on Metal (and even some harsh vocals) with melodies from Progressive Metal and Progressive Rock. It’s like you could join together PINK FLOYD, MESHUGGAH and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, but with personality. So their music is different from other bands, and this means a lot in a time like this one we are living now.” - Marcos Garcia, Metal Temple